Full Turnkey

Our Full Turnkey solutions include end-to-end electronics assembly, mechanical assembly, supply chain services, engineering and manufacturing - all the way from initial design specifications through to the finished product.

At our facilities, each customer is designated with their own production line, which is supervised by a Medimor product manager responsible for all project aspects. Medimor’s product manager maintains close contact with you throughout the process to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


Medimor's Full Turnkey solutions include the following:


  • Handling all aspects of operations
  • Solving complex logistics
  • Maintaining complete engineering documentation
  • Establishing and setting up manufacturing infrastructure & production line
  • Development of special production equipment
  • Obtaining best price proposals from our broad range of international suppliers
  • Purchasing materials co-ordinated with the production schedule
  • Maintaining warehouse facilities for all types of materials
  • Process validation and product testing (in-house)
  • Shipping to you, your distributor or your end customer